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Telemarketing hurts your head.

Posted by Sam D on January 19, 2005

I was reading through some othe notes I had made in between calls at my satanic night job this morning. I’m not sure that I’m coping with telesales very well. For example there is this:

Rip tear hurt shred
Crush briuse slice rend
Hate puncture rupture shake
Grill gut smack hit
Slap punch pinch slit
Poison break dislocate
Shatter burn

Not nice, and not very good either eh? I prefer this:

“Yeah I’m not intersted at the moment”
Yeah right. Like you have a choice.
Cause and effect have redered us spectators
as we beep and bleep,
Like lame middle class flesh-modems.
“Do you like pointless crap?” I send.
“I’m addicted to it” you reply.
The trasaction ensues.
Power, like hospital grade laxative
has worked “through” us
And greased my palm along the way.
Empty and uncomfortable
But not starving.
So what the fuck am I complaining about?
Beep Beep Beep Beep
The universe regrets to inform you that your life could not be conneted.
Please check the number and try again.

Ugh. That poerty is worse than bad, it’s goth. Mental note: NO MORE POETRY FOR SAM. On the up side I’m quitting this job very soon, as my other job is finally looking like giving me a decent number of hours.


2 Responses to “Telemarketing hurts your head.”

  1. MH said

    Yes, no more poetry for you Samuel. Remember that somewhere Boethius calls the Muses of Poetry ‘sluts’ (I think that it is ‘Consolations’ I.i).

  2. Considering that my muse in this case was the abject horror of working for that company which will for the moment remain namless, ‘sluts’ is far too charitable.

  3. Leah said

    Hospital Grade Laxative. I very much enjoyed the analogy.

    ^ Tragic nurse-type

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