Philosophy Hurts Your Head

The blog of a cranky Philosophy PhD Student from Newcastle, Australia.

Hmmmmmm Bile.

Posted by Sam D on February 25, 2005

Urg. My stomach feels unnusual today. Not activley nauseous, more like if I try to put food in it my oseophagus will run away and join a circus. Maybe the Carnivale.

Back to a reality not related to my insides (directly at least).
Orientation Week at the UNi went well. The Philosophy Club signed up over 70 members, more than many orgainisations, and certainly more than most religious clubs on campus. I’m not sure what is more frightening; that these people will expect the club to do something, or that I foolishly decided to make Cooly McCool (a contributor on our club blog, and no it is not his real name) treasurer. It is going to be a busy year. There is alot to be done for philosophy and critical thought in general on campus, if the replies to our pamphlets are anything to go by.

First honours meeting today. I wonder if anything useful will happen.


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