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Posted by Sam D on June 10, 2005

I just put some more links on the side bar. Not that anyone other than myself ever reads this page. I’m trying to asseble a really bizarre cross-section of the web as I know it.

Uni is on break over winter (as much as we have winter down here), so I’ll be able to spend the next few weeks really getting some work done.

Umm, I always have something to say, except when I sit here at this point. Bugger.

Random thought about Kripke: We don’t agree because there is meaning, there is meaing because we agree.
Take that Coates, Goldfarb, Lewis, Soames, Aldrich, Baker & Hacker, Feldman, Blackburn, Ginet and McGinn!


5 Responses to “Update”

  1. MH said

    I read it, occassionally, in the early hours of the morning, when their is nothing better to do … is that tragedy? Or farce?

  2. I think it is both, in parallel to the manner in which your comment is both gratifying and insulting.
    You must get really bored.

  3. You were the one to make the (outlandish) claim that nobody reads your blog. I simply wanted to refute it … I meant no insult, but can see how you might be insulted by the comment … Like the new template. Less green is good, and more blue is better … The question that comes to mind is ‘why is my blog not in Samwise’s links?’ …

  4. Yes I am bored. It is Kripke induced.

  5. Oh the humanity.

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