Philosophy Hurts Your Head

The blog of a cranky Philosophy PhD Student from Newcastle, Australia.

OOO spooky

Posted by Sam D on June 16, 2005

Not alot going on here. I’ve updated the links section and added a huge list of philosophy related blogs. I ‘ve been trying to think of something else, but for days all I’ve been able to think about is Wittegenstein, Kripke and Meaning Scepticism. I think the appropriate phrase is “It’s doing my head in.” It is very frustrating. I worry that my reading of Kripke is wrong, because so many philosophy academics around the world have made what appears to me to be some glaring blunders. No subsection of the debate exemplifies this more than that which concerns dispositional accounts of meaning. I think I’m right, and a number of my classmates share similar views, but how then could so many people who should know better be so wrong?
As for you Jakob Hohwy, I’m going to devote a special post to your novel attempt at refuting Kripke’s Wittgenstein, detailing it’s decidedly non-novel failure. In the next few days. After I get some more work done on this Kripke paper and my thesis.


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