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The Low Beyond

Posted by Sam D on July 8, 2005

For those interested in he Singularity, here is Eliezer Yudkowsky’s page : The Low Beyond

This guy is one frighteningly intelligent individual and has alot of interesting stuff to say. While I am not sure that I buy into his conclusions (I don’t feel I know enough to be critical at this point) I wonder if the peculiarly archaic brand of navel-gazing we indulge in as philosophers has any relevence at all. I wish that there were such a thing at Newcastle Uni as “Philosophy of the Future” or perhaps more correctly “Philosophy of Futurology”. If any of you have been to the ASF site then you would begin to get the idea of how much money is being poured into this and how many people are trying to bring this event into existence as soon as possible. The concentration of power in these organisations should be enough justification for us to turn our critical gaze to their activities.

The ASF is an intersting case in point. They subscribe to many beliefs that dour professionals ike ourselves scoff at, such as the “noosphere” and the writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

A glance at some of the articles collected on their site shows that there is plenty here to question and explore.

Surely some of this deserves our attention.


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