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Yes, I am a little ray of sunshine this morning.

Posted by Sam D on September 20, 2005

I feel like what defines us is the inability to help others due to the amount of our own shit we have to deal with. Many people need help, but the only people they can possibly ask for it are themselves barely coping. I don’t know how widespread this is, but if it is, something is broken. We are pressurised to an extent where in order to do what we feel that we need to (very different to ‘real’ needs) we use too much of ourselves up, and have nothing left to give to others when they need it.
The above is my hypothesis. Below are (some of the) the phenomena:

Increasing suicide.
Marrige breakdown.
Dropping birth rate.
Loss of ‘community’.

Or am I wrong. Probably. Are we just so soft and weak that instead of sucking it in and geting on with things like our grandparents would have done, we moan about how unhappy we all are. Are we unhappy because we expect to be happy?

uhg. Thesis almost finished. I am going to get so drunk after that’s handed in.


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