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The blog of a cranky Philosophy PhD Student from Newcastle, Australia.

Thesis Submission

Posted by Sam D on October 27, 2005

Just handed my honours thesis in.

It was very stressful. All I wanted to do was take it back and fiddle with it a bit more. But I feel better now that it is done.

Thanks to everyone who helped me with it this year. I would especially like to thnk Dr John Wright, Martin Hill, and my patient, caring and helpful partner Alexandra.

All I have to do now is about 2k of a socrates papaer, and make sure my courseowrk is neat and tidy and I’m finished with undergaduate studies.

Expect the amount of content hitting this page to ramp up in the next 2 weeks as I run out of constructive things to do.

P.S. Does anyone want to give me a job? My contract at the university library here ends in about 10 days, and doesn’t start up again until semester 1 next year. Long holiday, but no money. (At all since I don’t qualify for welfare payments any more).


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