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Newcastle University is Great

Posted by Sam D on October 29, 2005

Really, honestly it is.

The Uni launched its new website yesterday, which includes lots of exciting graphical stuff including the 5 stars we apparently get for student support and electronic services.
I would point out that at this time the new library catalogue, rolled out as part of this upgrade, is not working. I have been told that the I.T. staff set the ball rolling on Friday afternoon, just in time to go home for the weekend. 5 star service alright.

Don’t get me wrong, Newcastle is a great university to study at, but this year has been a difficult one for many of the schools here in terms of staff cuts and funding difficulties, and this website looks expensive.


One Response to “Newcastle University is Great”

  1. Anonymous said

    A dud turkey cannot be improved by dressing it up; and hey, at least the buildings are award winning (let’s hope there ain’t another fire or snow-storm any time soon …).

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