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ID not so Intelligent

Posted by Sam D on April 20, 2006

Intelligent Design is the logic of ignorance – complex life, such as the machinery of blood clotting, can be explained by Darwinism, says Steve Jones

As I sat down to write this piece, I put on my glasses. They were designed by an intelligent optician to correct my eyesight, which, acute as it once was, is now – like that of most elderly academics – blurred at best. The lens has become less elastic with time and no longer focuses properly. My specs help, but soon I will need a stronger pair.

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(From via Arts & Letters Daily)


2 Responses to “ID not so Intelligent”

  1. phil said

    I think the problem with evolution is simply the obvious – it’s Godless!

    It seems silly to me that academics expect religious people, who embrace the concept of life after death (because isn’t that really the big grand prize they all offer), to just toss it all away and embrace our inner primate.

    You can sugar-coat it all you want but the very postulation of evolution invevitably leads to the conclusion that this is all some very grand cosmic accident and our lives are no more meaningful than that of any single amoeba living out its very short life in a petri dish and trying to avoid the salt.

    Everyone pussy-foots around this part of the debate but I doubt anyone, even the strongest proponent of scientifc reason would have to go very far down their own family tree to find people who would be mortified at the very idea that God had nothing to do with all this.

    Of course we (and I’m sort of one of them) tell ourselves that sure there’s a God and he set things in motion or something maybe we hope and evolution is all part of THAT grand design but, come on – how do we prove that?

    Even to ourselves it’s kind of hard to admit that the only God we may find is the entropy that embraces us all.

    Until we address the real issues (one which philosphers since Douglas Adams have abandoned) of the true meaning of life, the universe and everything – I don’t see how we can have an intelligent conversation about intelligent design vs evolution when even the people who defend evolution don’t REALLY want it to be true.

    A blog is a great place for anonymous soul searching so I hope this can start some sort of honest discussion on the topic!

  2. Sam D said

    Hi Phil. I’m glad that you are intersted – ID is one of my favorite topics!
    I agree that it might be hard to come to terms with a God-less universe, where we are nothing but worm food at the end of it all.
    But disproving ID doesn’t disprove the existence an after life, and even if it did, this doesn’t a priori imply that life has no meaning or purpose (or Meaning or Purpose).
    As for evolutionists not wanting it to be true, I think this is better more relable than scientists trying to defend theories that they do want to be true. If you will defend something that you do’t want to be true, then you must be pretty confident that it is infact true.

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