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Postgraduate Symposium

Posted by Sam D on October 31, 2006

On Thursday I’ll be delivering a paper entitled “Meaning Scepticism and its Implications for the Interpretation of Policy” at the School of Humanities & Social Sciences Postgraduate Symposium.
This is organised each year to give post grad students an opportunity to ramble at a captive audience of their peers, whether we want to or not. This means that we actually are seen in public at least once a year.

I’ll post the transcript after Thursday.

Till then…


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Life and other stuff

Posted by Sam D on October 31, 2006

Which is a stupid title, really. I mean, did anything happen to me that was not a part of my life? Never mind.
In a nutshell, since I last posted:

I got married – which was great, we have a really good time and there were only a few minor mishaps along the way. No ‘Funniest Home Videos’ or “Four Weddings and a Funeral’ moments thank goodness! The honeymoon was good, even though we it rained for almost the entire time (but fined up when we left the beach!)

I went to a funeral – for my grandfather, who passed after a long illness. As well as think alot about his life, and what it means for that generation of my family to be gone, I thought a great deal about the consolations philosophy can’t give.

I had my candidature confirmed. After what I think was the weakest verbal defence of a thesis ever heard, my supervisor, the Head of School, and the CT&L Convenor all thought what I was doing was great and generally made a fuss. Weird, but a great relief.

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