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The Maiden gets in with no ID

Posted by Sam D on December 4, 2006

Hell’s Handmaiden has been listed as a “Contra-ID blog” on the front page of the wiki . I have to say that often there isn’t anything more satisfying than having an opponent point you out in such a manner. I’d like know what basis they used to pick out the winners. Was it simple hits/anti-ID post, or did an element of intellectual rigour or petty dislike creep in as well? I’m surprised that the FSM didn’t rate a mention.

I haven’t yet perused the materials at , so I can’t comment on them at this time, but it is something I will be looking at. I haven’t banged the anti-ID drum much this year, so I feel I might have to take another tilt at this issue.


2 Responses to “The Maiden gets in with no ID”

  1. ecko4inc said

    My apologies, Sammy D… ID overtakes philosophy and blogging for onanism. Gee, and I was worried about chaplains in our high schools – they actually want to teach ID in schools? only in America… I thought this kind of ‘science’ was left behind with phrenology and eugenics. There really is no accounting for stupidity… no ID

  2. Sam D said

    Wonders will never cease eh?
    The whole exercise is so far removed from anything resembling either scientific method or philosophical critique I’m frequently staggered. They think they can avoid the philosophy that undid the dominance of the “Argument From Design” by dressing it up as science. But behind, in and around all science there is philosophy lurking, and no amount of posturing, on anyone’s part, can change that.

    ID and onanism – It’s quite funny when you think about it. If organisms are designed to be prone to self-satisfaction, then what does this say about the Designer?

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