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Open Minded Bloggers – My (Top) Five.

Posted by Sam D on June 21, 2007

Yesterday I was honoured by Hells Handmaiden with an Open Minded Blogger Award.

According to the awards homepage: “This award is given to Blogs that demonstrate respect towards others, research and consideration of opposing views, free-flowing conversation with commenters, and an overall spirit of civility and openness. It is time we recognize such commendable behavior on the internet.

I’m sure people who know me through my work and study would find the Maiden’s observation that I have an ability ” to respond nicely to pretentious lunacy” deeply amusing.

The creator of this award has asked that each winner pass the award along to five new winners.

  1. Feel free to put the Award badge on your website side menu or wherever works best.
  2. Link to this (I assume they mean the awards homepage) page so that people can easily find the origin of the Award.
  3. Write a post on your blog linking to five blogs that you believe blog with an open mind.

There are a lot of people I know who possibly deserve this, but this is the best I could come up with. In my opinion all of the blogs below have contributors who are willing to examine not only other people’s beliefs, but their own as well.

  • The Space of Reasons : Avery Archer has to be one of the most intellectually rigorous, thorough, patient and polite bloggers around. I can’t think of anyone who deserves this award more.
  • The Prosblogion For possibly the most civilized and detailed discussion of serious philosophy and religion on the web.
  • Common Sense Philosophy Whose author has the rare ability to respond to arguments he disagrees with, without getting personal (an ability that I have in the past lacked somewhat).
  • Is that Legal? This author should be commended for maintaining remarkable composure whilst discussing legal and ethical issues of politics and war, some of which upset me to the point of incoherence. Good research as well. (Not really surprising if you know who they are).

I also would have given an award to Dialectic but as I’m both a contributor and co-editor there, it wouldn’t be appropriate really. Better luck next time guys.


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Philosophers’ Canival 48

Posted by Sam D on June 8, 2007

Is on at Common Sense Philosophy

So much good material I may not get through it all before the next one!

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Philosophy at the University of Newcastle

Posted by Sam D on June 1, 2007

A while back I posted this list of the undergraduate philosophy courses available at the University of Newcastle (Australia) on Dialectic. The search engines haven’t been picking this page up (which was kind of the point), so I thought I’d help the process along a bit. If you would like to study philosophy in a small city where the cost of living won’t send you bankrupt and the temperature is generally above freezing in winter, then you should take a look.

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