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The Great Documentary Swindle

Posted by Sam D on July 12, 2007

The controversial Great Global Warming Swindle is being aired on the ABC tonight, and I was happy (and relieved for the sake of my blood pressure) to find an opinion attacking this questionable bit of TV already on the website here.

I have to say I side with Professor Barry Brook and the majority of other climate scientists in assessing the argument that Martin Durkin tries to make.


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AAP Conference 2007

Posted by Sam D on July 11, 2007

I’ve not long returned from the 2007 conference of the Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP 2007), which was held at Old Teacher’s College, University of New England, Armidale, Australia.

The weather outside was cool, but not as bad as I’d expected.

The content of the conference itself far exceeded my expectations. I have never attempted to cram so much into my brain in such a short time. For myself, the talks by David Chalmers, D.M Armstrong, Grahame Nerlich, Kate Devitt, Sam Butchart (and John Bigelow) and Peter Forrest were outstanding presentations, both as intellectual contributions and as entertainment.

I also greatly appreciated and enjoyed the Graduate Career Workshop run by: Mark Colyvan, Carrie Jenkins, Marguerite La Caze and Jeanette Kennett. My supervisor and I will have plenty to talk about in coming weeks.

It is a pity that the locations of subsequent AAP conferences are determined in until 2012, because it would be a great opportunity for philosophy students & staff alike if we were to host it in Newcastle.

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