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I still laugh and other people still don’t

Posted by Sam D on September 28, 2007

I revisited some of the less subtle websites that I used to favor in years past Objective: Ministries and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I have been told that I have an infantile sense of humour, so I still find these pages funny, especially Objective:Ministries. What I find disturbing is that (based on the comments and guestbook signings of both sites) many people still don’t get joke.

I have news for you people: Bobby Henderson does not really think that the universe was created by some divine pasta dish! And you should not be overly concerned if he does. Claiming to pray for him makes you look ridiculous, and heaping abuse on him because you are smart enough to recognise that he is poking fun at your religion or politics paints you in the worst possible light.

Similarly, I am almost 100% sure that Objective:Ministries is a parody site. Now in all fairness this took me a while to work out, but the project to capture a pterosaur in Africa to prove creationism should be a dead give-away. If you are getting upset because this site portrays Christianity inaccurately, then at least take comfort in the fact that no one will get your church and Objective:Ministries mixed up. If you think that this site mixes truth and falsity (like The Da Vinci Code did) in order to divert people from the Truth, then I think you need to re-evaluate what you believe and why you believe it.


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