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Philosophy Australia

Posted by Sam D on October 19, 2007

A new wiki-style page has been created to collect information on all things Philosophical in Australia – Philosophy Australia.

This will include information on Philosophers/Philosophy Academics and their research publications and interests, Philosophy Programs, Philosophy Organisations and Philosophy related events in Australia.

Philosophy Australia is a non-profit project that relies on the involvement of the Philosophy Community. Because of this, Philosophy Australia’s Staff are volunteers. All positions at this moment are based on non-paid, volunteer work. Editors are needed for this project, so if you are attached to the Philosophy department of an Australian university, or are studying Philosophy in Australia, please visit the site and see if you can help.


2 Responses to “Philosophy Australia”

  1. I have a question on Australian Philosophy. I realize Peter Singer has greatly effect philosophy as a whole, but I was wondering if anyone here could explain to me his effect on the more specific domain of Australian Philosophy?

  2. pauladkin said

    What about ex-patriot Australian philosophers? Those Australian nationals who have escaped to more pensive-friendly regions of the planet Earth.

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