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Honours/Honors at in Philosophy @ University of Newcastle

Posted by Sam D on December 6, 2007

Just got the list of offerings for the University of Newcastle Philosophy honours program for 2008. For more details go to either the Dialectic (not Dialect) post on this, or straight to the uni’s Philosophy page.

It’s worth considering. Most people who have completed this (including myself) that I know have gone on to PhD’s, graduate law, ridiculously well-paid jobs or a combination of two of the above.

Post edited.


2 Responses to “Honours/Honors at in Philosophy @ University of Newcastle”

  1. I am so disappointed by following your links: I was expecting the dialect post to be philosophy in broad strine, and instead it’s just a blog called dialectic. Bah!

  2. Sam D said

    OK, so my spelling has let me (and you it seems) down again. I’ll fix it.

    Do you often find that life leaves you bitter and disappointed?

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