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Australian Sex Party

Posted by Sam D on November 18, 2008

It isn’t as salacious as it sounds, but it is exciting stuff nonetheless.  The Australian Sex Party has been formed recently, and will be revealing their policies (I hope) on Thursday. 

The Australian Sex Party is a political response to the sexual needs of Australia in the 21st century. It is an attempt to restore the balance between sexual privacy and sexual publicity that has been severely distorted by morals campaigners and prudish politicians. (from the ASP website).

If the claim that 4 million Australians look at pornography every year is at all accurate, then a campaign via the points of sale of this product is going to reach a lot of people. I think it safe to say that most consumers of pornography and adult products in Australia are either Labor or Coalition voters (just becuase most Australians are either Labor or Liberal/National voters), so there exists a real opportunity to steal Senate votes from the two major parties, not just the Greens. With the support of the EROS association, they may be a political force to be reckoned with

It is reported that the party’s platforms include a national sex education curriculum, reducing censorship, abolishing the government’s proposed internet filter and supporting gay marriage. I’m waiting to see the actual policies before making a full judgment.  

Comments follwing the Telegraph report on the formation of the ASP suggest that at least some people feel democracy is only working when it elects the people that suit them. As I said in the comments myself, if democracy is good enough for Family First, then it’s good enough for the Australian Sex party. You can’t have it both ways.


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