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ISP Filtering – A lesson in History.

Posted by Sam D on December 12, 2008

There have been some very good articles coming out of the Australian Blogsphere regarding the IPS filtering plan. My favorite for this week has been Liberal tyranny on the World Wide Web at Spiked Online by Kerry Miller, (who blogs at Strange Times ) which describes the role that Clive Hamilton has played in the development of this policy. I note that his new employer CAPPE ( Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics)  has minimised reference to his pro-filter position or articles.

It is worth noting that across a political spectrum (not that it is the best way to categorise political views) the more coherent and critical reactions have come from the libertarian right. That said the Greens have come out strongly against this, and in some ways they are libertarian left-ish. However you cut it though, the response from much of the left has been pretty weak. I was surprised by this. Is it because left leaning ideologies have a weaker sense of individual rihgs or liberties? I don’t know. What I do know is that at least one of my friends is going to say “I told you so” (or something along those lines, but more eloquent) when I see him next.


4 Responses to “ISP Filtering – A lesson in History.”

  1. walkndude said

    the left believes the lie.
    or do not know.

  2. Sam D said

    Wow, that was quick.

    I think that many people in politics (including the left) think that their enemy’s enemy is their friend. The Coalition was the enemy, so the ALP is their friend. That and the right-wing libertarian bloggers don’t like the filter, so people who are usually their ideological opponents seem to be confused over what to do.

  3. kerrycraig said

    Hi Sam,

    I’m glad you liked my Spiked piece! I’ve just posted a rather provocative little piece on Strange Times and would be interested to know what you think?? Have I gone too far?

    No censorship – Leave our kids alone

  4. Sam D said

    Thanks Kerry. I tried to comment on your post (which I did like), but it wasn’t working for some reason. I’ll mention it in my post tomorrow though.

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