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New Bodyboard!

Posted by Sam D on February 13, 2009

On a happier note, (and acknowledging that not everything is bound up in the struggle for justice nor the quest for truth),  I recently took delivery of a new bodyboard – a Turbo e30.  I haven’t been out in the surf on a regular basis for several years, but recently decided to get back into it, and some new equipment was needed!

I don’t normally talk up products I buy, but I have to say I’m really impressed with this board so far – very fast and maneuverable. I was also impressed that when I rang their office in Port Maquarie and asked daft questions about leash plug placement,  their head shaper Glen was happy to talk to me about stringer placement and beaded polypro properties etc.

Time will tell how durable this board ends up being, but I reckon that the e30 is some of the best value around at this time, especially if you get it through ebay.


One Response to “New Bodyboard!”

  1. Sam D said

    I’d also like to thank my wife for cutting through my indecision regarding spending the money on something I really wanted and putting the order in anyway 🙂

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