Philosophy Hurts Your Head

The blog of a cranky Philosophy PhD Student from Newcastle, Australia.


I’m currently undertaking my PhD in Philosophy at the University of Newcastle, Australia, focusing in the area of Saul Kripke’s Meaning Scepticism and how we might find a more satisfactory formulation of a solution. As well as Philosophy of Language I have a keen interest in Philosophies of Mind and Religion as well as Metaphysics, Ethics, Politics & Power.

My other (semi-professional or less) interests include: Science Fiction literature, and the phenomenology of psychoactive use in contemporary religious (or religious-like) settings. I think it is right to challenge peoples beliefs, and this sometimes annoys them, and I confess (take that Foucault) that I’m not always particularly sorry.

I might also add that I don’t necessarily endorse the views of the sites or blogs that I link to, in fact I vehemently disagree with many of them.

On the recent ISP filtering proposal: The day that this blog is blocked is the day that I seriously consider leaving Australia and never coming back. Either that or I’ll enter politics and fix the mess myself.


No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Justin said

    Hi there,
    first, contrats on the award…I took al ook around your website and I agree that you deserve it. To put it on your sidebar, go to the “presentation” tab on your dashboard. Create a text widget and then paste the HTML code in it…it should then appear there.


  2. Sam D said

    And no, I am not the actor Sam Douglas.

  3. Brad D said


    Nice Blog! It is very interesting.

    I noticed on your blogroll you have hell’s handmaiden. This was a blog I often followed with interest, however, it seems to have been replaced with just advertising.

    I’m sorry it’s gone and thought I’d let you know if you want to update your blogroll.

    Chat Soon,

    Brad D. 🙂

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