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Do secular societies breed enough to survive?

Posted by Sam D on January 16, 2006

I read this on the New Criterion a while back. It is interesting, if somewhat caustic and overexcited in places, but does raise a valid question: Will the demographics and more specifically the reproductive habits, of western secular culture be its downfall?


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Update on Assorted Stuff in my Life.

Posted by Sam D on January 16, 2006

Yeah I know I’ve been quiet lately. Well there was Christmas and all, and I don’t apologise for staying away from the computer over the holidays. The last two weeks have been very trying, with two deaths in my extended and not so extended family.

I will be posting a bit more lightly for the next few weeks, as I am actually working full time as the (temporary and semi-official) Program Officer for the Bachelor of Arts at the Uni. I even have a desk!

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